Who I Am

Sharman Ghio

I’m a creative purpose-driven marketer with a natural sense of curiosity that fuels the explorer in me. I’m often found hiking or practicing yoga, however here on this site my focus is to examine how I can reshape, reinvent and reinvigorate brands so that they deliver remarkable experiences inside and out.


Starting with Why can lead to great things.


In a constant pursuit to up my game.


Plunging into the unknown is my comfort zone.


Endless opportunities for what we can do together.

What I Do

One could say I do marketing, and, well, yes that’s true – in a sense. However, I do feel that labeling myself a “marketer” brings with it too many assumptions, typical definitions, and narrow thinking. My expertise and interests span the essential needs of a brand, at any life-stage that brand may find itself in. Yet, I am steeped in a holistic approach, one driven by the desire to belong to a collective effort to connect brands with purpose, integrity, and innovation.

Let me ground this for you:

  • I can translate a vision into an actionable strategy and plan.
  • I am well-versed in brand evolution and execution.
  • I can identify the requisite people and technology needed to grow and scale a marketing organization.
  • I assess complex situations and create streamlined operational processes and procedures.
  • I like, appreciate, and apply the art of communications.
  • I can deliver clear, consistent and compelling campaigns that align with purpose and business goals.
  • I do all this mindful of ego and in service to others.

I am all about crafting a purpose that crosses departmental boundaries; that is transparent and inspiring; that is organizationally relevant; and that has a truth all can rally around. And, just as important, a purpose that leads to enhancing a brand’s bottom line. That’s the marketing platform I stand by.

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